Made for the Nokia 3310 Jam 5 gamejam (since then I uploaded an updated version).

Hints and spoilers at the bottom of the page.

Controls on keyboard:

  • Arrow keys - move
  • X - left action (shown on screen)
  • C - right action (shown on screen)
  • M - mute music

Also should work with controllers/gamepads.


The game is made in Godot, using the great template by Trix on the Nokia 3310 Jam Resources

Full source code on GitHub:

Hints and spoilers

If the Human notices you're trying to snatch the tasty meat wag your tail and show your puppy eyes. You were not trying to do anything suspicious. You're a good dog.

If you want to snatch the tasty meat try to do it while the Human is not looking. Also, aim for the middle part of the skill bar above when doing so to be more quiet. This way you'll have some more time and he'll start slower.

You can go outside the house and even jump on the roof.

You're a good boy, he'll not be angry. And he'll cook again tomorrow anyway.

Development log


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I have uploaded an updated version here: Good Boy... just very hungry

It contains an extra screen for the time/accuracy minigame with the arrow, shown as "Focus!". It is an attempt to reduce the noise (the Human is paused and only the Player and The Tasty Food is visible) and make it more clear that accuracy counts.

There are some minor bug fixes still pending, and a game breaking one - though it breaks the game in favor of the Player.