>> Latest updated version is herehttps://gheja.itch.io/witch-simulator-2000-plus <<

Warning: unfinished, lacks contents but it mostly works.

A witch simulator where customers come to your house to ask for potions and you have to cook them.

First add some ingredients on one of your plates (using the down arrow below the ingredient), then prepare a cauldron and put it on the fire using prepare. You can now start adding the contents of your plates (down arrow below plate) and adjust the temperature (up and down below the cauldron). When your mix is ready, cool it down and put it in a glass by clicking done.

The customers will knock on your door, you have to answer their knocks and let them in. Then they will tell you what potion they want and you can decide to accept (they will come back for the completed potion later), decline (they will walk away) or give them a potion you made earlier (drag to their slot).

When your customers are back, drag the completed potions to the slot near them and choose give.

They will walk away and give you feedback. Your goal is to get as good feedbacks as possible and be in the Top 10 of the wiches in the country.

A one guy with not much free time project.

Using the free font Compassion by Eeve Somepx. Thanks!

Source code: https://github.com/gheja/jamcraft2018