A game originally created for the 13kB javascript gamedev competition js13kGames 2020 for the theme 404Raccoon Transport 404


Can you transport 404 people in 404 seconds?

They want to get from one city to another, represented by these red circles.

Buy and sell buses in the Depot, they stop at Stops according to their Schedule accessed by clicking on them.

If you need money, check the Bank but be careful to repay before the timer is up.

Build roads and buildings using the tools above.

Oh, and all the drivers are on vacation. But we have the next best thing: raccoons. They're a bit hectic but we like them anyway.

Good luck! (You'll definitely need it.)


The entry had two kind of serious bugs when submitting: one affecting the pathfinding (going offroad and on almost the worst routes), the other is the display of the vehicles movements (choppy 45 degrees of moving). As I was pretty exhausted and could not fix it before the deadline I blamed it on the raccoons. Since then I've submitted a fix and it got into the entry.

I had actually a lot of space left of the 13 KiB (13312 bytes) limit, I didn't care to remove debug stuffs (see your console) and optimize it seriously, it could fit a lot more, like additional models, maybe even some music.

I might make an after the compo version, but I suspect due to lack of free time and the push of a deadline it will stay in this form, as usual.

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