Third (and final?) update

I have made a few minor updates:

  • the "sus" level is now decreasing slowly - the "Tail wag" and "Puppy eyes" actions are still much more effective
  • The Tasty Food can only be grabbed when the Human is not suspicious at all
  • added a cooktop so the Human won't just walk to the corner
  • fixed a bug when the Human got suspicious during the intro
  • various minor updates in the tileset, the level and the intro conversation
  • adjusted the timing/accuracy mini-game on the "Focus!" screen *

And with this my to do list has only a few items, none of them are important, so this might be the final version. This is a small, game jam entry after all.

Thank you all for playing, I hope you liked it.

If you're participating in the Nokia 3310 Jam 5, please check out that version and rate it. Thanks!


* technically this was in a fourth update but I did not want to do a separate post

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