A 1-bit color beat-matching clicker RPG game, originally created for the 1-bit Clicker Jam (entry page) but we ran out of time and had to cut features, graphics and content. This is the updated version.

How to play

You have to go from place to place, beating the enemies you encounter. On some levels you encounter characters that will join your party. When attacking or defending your skill improves and after a while your skill will level up and will give you bonuses. You will allso gain experience points from beating the enemy, gathering enough will give bonuses on all your skills. Clicking on the beat will give you multiplier - it does not matter where you click, just click-click-click.

Should work in most modern browsers and with modern devices. Tested on Chrome, Firefox, Safari.


  • Player party can now have more than one character.
  • New party member can be found on end of some levels and they will re-appear there if get killed.
  • Characters have now names.
  • Various minor fixes.

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