Busy Bun Buddies
a game originally made for the Lowrezjam 2023 game jam, this is the updated version.

Busy little buns are doing their jobs to prepare for the winter, it's not an easy job but they are good at cooperating. Sometimes they find things on the ground,  there might be matches hidden in plain sight and Buns are curious creatures, they'll play with it. You have to catch 'em all before they set the forest on fire accidentally and the wildfire spreads to the whole island.

This game is open source (check out the code on GitHub), made in the Godot Engine and the assets are free to use (check their licenses though!).


The game supports mouse controls, keyboard for scrolling (WASD, arrow keys) and touch screen input.


Added touch screen support, added keyboard support, fixed a few minor bugs.

The jam version

See the jam version here: https://gheja.itch.io/busy-bun-buddies


Gabor Heja - code, additional graphics, sounds

3rd party assets used

Sprout Lands Basic pack by Cup Nooble  (graphics)

Free  Effect Bullet Impact Explosion 32x32 V1 by bdragon1727 (graphics)

Café by Swaylle / Skar0ps (music)

Munro by Ten by Twenty (font)


buns_20230821_002748_windows_x64.zip 19 MB

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